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1723/73  ADDITIONAL MONITOR 7 INCH. FOR KIT 1723/71-72 • MODO hands-free color model in glossy white ABS. • 7 '' (18 cm) color LCD touch screen. • Metal bracket supplied for wall mounting with vertical adjustment. • Fixing center distance suitable for Ø 60 mm housing. • Surface mounting. Flush mounting with optional kit ref. 1723/60. • Access menu to settings and configuration. • Video memory of 32 clips of 10 seconds saving on micro SD. • “Audio post-it”: recording and listening to an internal message intended for residents. • Ringtone level adjustment + cut-off with light signaling. • Brightness, contrast, color adjustment. • 5 melodies to choose from + 1 customizable by the user. • Controls: door opening, motorized gate opening, and 8 radios (exterior lighting, rolling wheels, etc.), 6 customizable scenarios. • Video surveillance allowing the display of images from 2 entrance panels and 4 cameras. • Function indicators: ringing cut off, door open, messages. • Integrated magnetic buckle. Compatible with hearing aid for the hearing impaired. • 1 output for additional bell or wireless chime. • 2 outputs on dry contact for additional commands. • 1 12 Vdc - 250 mA output for supplying a detector or a camera. • 1 input for connecting a surveillance camera or the 4 camera interface. • 1 input for connecting a presence detector. • 1 landing door bell button input. • Dimensions (HxWxD): 142 x 202 x 22 mm.
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