HYBRID All In 1 Hybrid Stand Alone DVR-5MP Lite, 4CH

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SH-4050A5-5L(MM) H.265 All In 1 Hybrid Stand Alone DVR-5MP Lite, 4CH Video Inputs. MM case
  • Video:
Input: Dynamic Hybrid DVR Oriented: 4 Channel 4in1 HD Analog (BNC) + 2 Channel IP (Over Network)* NVR Oriented: 0 Channel 4in1 HD Analog (BNC) + 6 Channel IP (Over Network)* *Including all the HD Analog/IP variations available within the specified ranges. Output: VGA: 1024x768/1280x1024/1920x1080 HDMI: 1024x768/1280x1024/1920x1080 CVBS (Can be used a spot)
  • Recording:
HD Analog – 0-4 Channels AHD/TVI: 5MP Lite Max 10FPS Per Channel Resolution: 1280x1936 (PAL/NTSC) AHD/TVI: 4MP Lite Max 12/15FPS  Per Channel Resolution: 1280x1936 (PAL/NTSC)   AHD/TVI/CVI: 1080P Max 12/15FPS Per Channel Resolution: 1920x1080 (PAL/NTSC) (Supported Resolutions: 1080P Lite, 720P in Real-Time) CVBS: 960H Max 25/30FPS Per Channel Resolution: 960x575 (PAL) / 960x480 (NTSC) IP – 2-6 Channels IP: 5MP and lower Max 25/30FPS Per Channel Resolution: 2560x1920 (PAL/NTSC)
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For IP Channels: Line Crossing, Sterile Area, Object Monitoring, Camera Tampering and Smart Search. For HD Analog Channels: Line Crossing, Sterile Area and Smart Search.  
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